Your first visit with me:

Welcome! Your experience starts as you book online with me using the booking system below. You will receive a confirmation text and email back with a date, time, and our address. We are located next to Taste of Louisiana Cafe and Whistle Stop. We also have a beverage and snack bar. Perfect right? Our parking is located directly behind our building, so there's no long walks. Our front door faces the train tracks, waiting to welcome you.

Next, you will arrive for your appointment and will be greeted by myself or our lovely front desk receptionist. We will have a 10 minute consultation before starting to ensure we are on the same page. We will not only plan out your first visit, but also a long term plan to make sure your hair goals are met.

I exclusively use and carry JZ Styles extensions. If we are doing extensions, we will find a method that works perfectly for your lifestyle and desired maintenance.

IMG_0009 2.JPG

If we are doing color, I will create a custom formula based on your skin tone and goal. It will be stored in our database, waiting for you each visit. While your color processes, we have a range of amenities to keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

I will create a haircut specifically designed for your face shape and lifestyle. I offer complementary styling tips and tricks so you can recreate your style at home.

We will finish out your appointment by showing and educating you on the right home care products and my personal recommendations to ensure your style is kept fresh until next time. After I recommend amazing products, we will have a mini photoshoot outside. Don't worry, I always will let you approve the pictures before posting them. I want you to feel confident with your new hair! We will also set up your next appointment before you leave. I will be awaiting your next visit.

When booking on my booking site, scroll to the bottom and select "New Client" and the service you wish to receive.

Image by Liana Mikah