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cover my gray

Covering roots with one color to match ends. This is for guests who have less than two fingers thickness of roots grown out. The outcome is gray coverage or roots covered and matched seamlessly to your ends. 

All Over Color 

This is for you if you want to change/ refresh your color all over. One bowl of color and blow dry included. The result would be a change of color all over. 

Maximum Blonde

This blonding service is perfect to achieve all over brightness. This is for someone who has never had highlights before, hasn't received highlights in a while, or wants the maximum amount of brightness. The result is blended, seamless blonde with a little bit of your natural root in between the foils as dimension. 

Blonde Touch Up

This is for you if you have been receiving full highlights every 6-12 weeks. The outcome will be blended, bright blonde around the hairline, top of head, sides, and nape of neck area. This is not a makeover, just maintenance. 

Lived In Blonde

This technique is for you if you want an easy upkeep, low maintenance hair color. Blonde doesn't go all the way up to the scalp like traditional highlights. With this technique, your natural root color is blended into the blonde to make the upkeep easier. 

Color Transformation

This is for the guest who wants to totally transform their hair color to something different, without being in the salon for 8+ hours! This is perfect for someone wanting to go fully blonde, a major rooted blonde, going from blonde to dark, a bright red, or blonde to a bright vivid color. 

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