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Tips For Long Lasting Curls

Do you feel like your hair never holds a curl? This post may be for you.

You have a big event coming and you really want to have amazing hair, but you think "Ugh! My hair just doesn't hold a curl!." So you break out the chi flat iron that only has the on/off button (I see you!). What if there was a foolproof way to have salon curls at home that LAST?

To acheive this look, you will need a few quality styling items.

-1.25 inch curling iron

-Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press Thermal Spray

-Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Hair Spray


-Puff me texturing powder

-Kenra Texture Taffy

-Redken Frizz Dismiss serum

Prep The Hair Start by brushing and spraying the hair with your thermal protectant. Depending on how thick your hair is, section it off into bigger sections.

Curl The Hair Take two inch wide sections, wrap around curling iron or wand, making sure to leave out at least an inch of the ends. This adds the beachy look. Make sure to keep the hair flat and smooth around the iron.

Continue curling the hair, alternating directions. When around the face, curl away from the face. Hold the hair on the iron for a max of 7 seconds. We don't want these to be too defined. Don't brush the curls out just yet.

Finish The Style

Run fingers through the hair to separate the curls. Use your texturing powder at the root and massage it in. This will add tons of volume. Use texture taffy and run throughout ends of your hair. This step really defines the straight end pieces we left out. Add a little serum and finish off with a good spray of hairspray. Flip your head over and spray the underneath. Voila! You are set for the day and this takes all of ten minutes at the most.

I hope you all enjoyed this quick tutorial. I have a video tutorial on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I will be posting more tutorials coming soon!

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